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The goal of the AAPP and SimpleCare is to make healthcare affordable for patients while ensuring fair compensation for providers.

More than one in six Americans are uninsured, and that number is growing.  Rising health care costs make it increasingly difficult for these patients to afford necessary care.  Many insured patients also find trouble affording care not covered by their plan.

The Rising Cost of Healthcare

Billing, administrative costs and low reimbursement rates put healthcare providers at financial risk and drive up costs for patients.

HMO's and insurance companies often reimburse physicians at such a low rate that it does not adequately cover costs incurred, and many services are never compensated for at all.

Insurance companies do not reimburse doctors for the full amount of the bill, and yet they require an increasing level of administration and documentation for submitting claims.  Rejected claims must be billed to the patient, adding to the collection costs.

Ethically, cash-pay patients should not be forced to pay for the cost of those who have insurance.  SimpleCare attempts to solve this problem, making healthcare more affordable for everybody.  SimpleCare creates a system that is sensible and more economical for patients, employers and healthcare providers.

SimpleCare patients are a doctor's simplest, least-expensive patients.  They pay at the time of service, eliminating billing costs.  CPT codes and referrals are unnecessary for these patients.  Physicians get paid immediately, with no hassle.

By eliminating costs associated with billing, insurance claim forms, coding diagnoses and procedures, referrals, authorizations, payment delays, EOB reviews, claim denials, re-submissions, collection risks, and other managed care costs, physicians can provide patients a fair price for services without the administrative hassles and bureaucracy.

So many costs are eliminated using SimpleCare that providers can usually charge 30-50% less for SimpleCare patients while actually increasing their profit.

By using SimpleCare, healthcare providers have the freedom to establish a price that is fair for the services provided.

The doctor treats the patient.

The patient pays a fair price for the treatment.

That's it.

It's that simple.

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