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What is SimpleCare?

SimpleCare is a program of the Non-Profit organization the American Association of Patients and Providers, or the AAPP. As the largest patient/provider organization in the United States, SimpleCare is dedicated to returning a means of providing common sense, affordable, patient-driven healthcare to the healthcare community.

The program was created by three MD’s in Seattle who decided there had to be an easier way to provide high quality individualized healthcare without the hassle, inefficiencies and exorbitant pricing schemes of the health insurance industry. These doctors took paying for healthcare back to how it was originally meant to be, an affordable and simple transaction between the patient and provider, similar to how you pay for any other product or service


Why should you be a member?

Because both you the provider and your patients/clients become members of the same mutual network, you can legally and ethically offer a separate cash fee schedule in addition to the fees you may already bill insurance companies. SimpleCare does not dictate your pricing or services offered. It’s up to each individual provider to decide on a fair fee to charge for his/her services to members who are either uninsured, or whose insurance does not cover the services they seek from you.

We encourage our provider members to look at the average insurance reimbursement for the healthcare services you offer when deciding on a fair price structure. Remember to take in to consideration that SimpleCare members are your best patients, they are paying in full at the time of service, we call this PIFITOS. A patient/client sees a provider, a provider delivers the needed healthcare, and the patient/client pays the provider out of his/her own pocket in full directly after the appointment. Sound revolutionary? Well, it’s not. It’s just old fashioned. That’s the way healthcare costs used to be handled, before the insurance companies took over. No billing, coding, preauthorizing, denials, or accounts receivables. Most providers find that they can charge 20-50% less than what is traditionally billed to insurance, as administrative fees are dramatically cut, improving your clinics bottom line profit.

SimpleCare is not promoting an all or nothing approach to being contracted with insurance companies. We are simply providing a way for you to clear the gray area of having two separate fee schedules for your services.

Obviously you don’t have to be a member of SimpleCare to accept cash payments, but, the benefits of being a member far outweigh the nominal membership fee of only $125 your first year and $50 each year after to renew. SimpleCare providers are often the hero’s of their community. Not only can your uninsured and underinsured patients/clients pay a fair price for your services but they can now receive the same benefit at other SimpleCare providers in your area, and nationwide.

By joining SimpleCare you will be provided with a vast array of materials, contacts, and online marketing that will help you provide your patients/clients with the option of PIFATOS…and you’ll gain the “freedom from the corporations” that you need to practice medicine and healthcare the way you want and know to be best!


SimpleCare is Not Insurance

SimpleCare is unfortunately NOT available in the state of Nevada


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